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Home Support FAQ What about ExtremeCopy license policy?

What about ExtremeCopy license policy?

ExtremeCopy standard version is provided as FREEWARE for private (non-commercial) or educational (including non-profit organization) use. In these cases, you are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies of this software.

For commercial use, it is required to register this software and the payment license can avaliable to ExtremeCopy Pro too. Registering is an important source of support in the development of future versions.

ExtremeCopy Pro upgrade policy is that the license can be available for all of minor upgrade of it's major version. For instance, you have license for v2.0.0 and this license will be available for all of v2.x.x upgrade but not for v3.x.x , and all of licenses will be supported for ever .

For More details of completed license, please download license file here .

For previous major license client who has payment license can buy new major license with 50% off with their old license . This policy doesn't include giveaway users  . More details please contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


CNET Review

We tested the program by copying a 1.73GB folder full of images, audio files, and other documents; first we used the Windows copy function, and then we tried it with ExtremeCopy. The built-in Windows function copied the folder in 2 minutes and 58 seconds, while ExtremeCopy managed the same task in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.



In general, just wanted to let you know that ExtremeCopy is doing a great job for us.

Initially we started with 1 copy running at a time and copied 280Gb from 1 server to 4 servers in parallel within 55 min.

Now we’re running 2 copy tasks in parallel (we’re using the 2 network cards the servers have) and time dropped down to 30 min.

--- Liran